About Us

Where it all started

Snap Animal Rescue started in January 2000. Our initial goals were to help animals in need with owners unable to care for them. We believe it is our responsibility to take care of these animals, and this belief powered our early organizational development.

All of our volunteers and board members receive no salary for their efforts, as 100% of our proceeds go directly to help animals in need.

Our inspiration for Snap Animal Rescue started with our loving Rottweiler: “Bubba.”

Bubba was constantly seeking out other animals in need. When he found a wounded or frightened animal, Bubba would stay at their side until one of our rescue volunteers came to help the animal. Bubba specialized in finding feral cat babies that had no parents. Once he located the kittens, he would pick them each up, one at a time, and carry them to the rescue volunteers. Often because these kittens were feral, his nose would be covered in scratches, even as he gently carried them to safety.

One especially significant rescue was a turtle that Bubba found almost freezing to death. He picked up the turtle and carried him into the truck when we opened the door for Bubba to enter. Bubba’s kindness to other animals truly touched our hearts and motivates our current actions at Snap Animal Rescue.

We believe humanity has much to learn from the kindness and intelligence of Animals. We strive to live by and adhere to “The Golden Rule” of life.

The Birth of Snap Animal Rescue

Snap Animal Rescue was initially known as a trap and release program called SNAP, which started in early 2000. The program was originally designed to catch, neuter/spay and release feral cats. We realized that many of these feral cats could be domesticated and would make great pets for loving owners and homes. We adopted all animals out with no adoption or rehoming fees. This allowed the new owners to invest their funds in the future care of the animals, helping remove the barrier to obtaining their new family member. Once the animals were successfully adopted, we would conduct surprise visits, ensuring the animals were loved and happy in their new homes.

Our Organization Grows

After the initial success of our feral cat program, we expanded to include farm-based feral cat populations. We would neuter/spay their feral cat populations, in exchange for their agreement to allow the more feral cats that we fixed, to live on the property with their feral cats.

Our Latest Program

As Snap Animal Rescue continues to grow, we have added our largest program of Natural Disaster Retrieval. Tens of Thousands of animals are left behind when their owners flee these disasters. The animals abandoned include dogs, cats, and many farm animals. This is caused by lack of time for the owner to remove them or simply no ability to take their animals. Often, other rescue groups can only take people and not animals. We have created a GPS tagging process that allows these animals' owners to retrieve them (for free) after the disaster and has been responsible for saving the lives of many, many animals.

Snap Animal Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit corporation that operates off governmental grants and the donations of our many supporters. We use this website to auction items with 100% of the proceeds directly touching the lives of impacted animals.




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