What We Do

Snap Animal Rescue focuses on rescuing animals during natural disasters. Animals are left behind for many reasons. Pet owners don’t have the means to take the animals with them in the face of a crisis and will abandon them on their own with no food or water.

The animals we rescue range from house pets (cats and dogs primarily) to farm animals, including horses, sheep, and others.

When Snap Animal rescues an animal, we tag them with a GPS marker that corresponds to where we found the animal. Once animals are removed from danger and fed and sheltered, we take them to a staging area for the owners to retrieve them at no cost.

We also have a trap and release program specifically designed for feral cats. With this program, we catch, spay/neuter, and release the animals back where they were originally captured. This helps cut down on feral cat breeding, as well as helping to ensure that the local cat populates are healthy and disease-free. Sometimes, we find cats that aren’t feral, and they are adopted into loving families as part of this program outreach.

One of the guiding principals of Snap Animal Rescue is education. We provide information on nontraditional care for animals. Taking care of animals (especially in light of a natural disaster) is a tough job, and we provide free materials to pet owners to help in these trying times.




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